Tuesday, 14 July 2015

High Retention Campaign of Salvus App Solutions helps Boost on Play Store

Exploring career as an Android app developer has now become the most profitable and the simplest possible job for an individual, who incorporates basic knowledge about computer programs and particularly the Java Script. However, the fact in this case is that not all of the app developers of Android platform get the opportunity to make big amount of money via choosing this sector.

The reason for this is that majority of the designed apps prevailing over Google Play Store fail to get strong positions even though applications have innovative features and trendy graphics or designs. What exactly should Android developers do to get highest possibility visibility of their designed apps on Play Store? The answer to this question is to approach experts involved in offering Android app promotion solutions based on latest CPI i.e. Consumer Per Index Strategy. In case of CPI strategy, one will be able to accomplish High Retention Campaigns and avail of additional benefits from the promotional strategy.

Role of High Retention Campaign

In order to understand the benefits obtained with the help of innovative CPI strategy offered by Salvus App Solutions best SEO company in Jabalpur, it is essential for you to understand about the role of high retention ad campaign related to visibility of specific app in Google Play Store. Whenever computer programmers after completing their education and training in Java Scripts come up with their decisions to create high retention campaigns, they have to keep their developed applications on Android devices for about 3 days period before respective authority of any particular application consider about installation process of them as various successful conversations.

Furthermore, in case people remove their installed apps prior to the specific period, apps will no longer perform their functions as successful conversions leading to the occurrence of various additional installs. Other than this, mobile app promotion done by following High Retention Campaign technique provides developers with best possible retention statistics and graphical information based on requirement. Such information will indicate about actual numbers of users, who have kept the newly published app on Google Play store for specified numbers of days, which may be either 3 or 4 days and even may more than a week.

How High Retention Campaigns are Beneficial

Based on the aforementioned facts about High Retention Campaigns offered by Salvus App Solutions, one can identify large numbers of significant benefits via CPI-based promotional strategy. Few of the benefits have been mentioned here.

Retention Rates

With the help of Consumer Price Index strategy, developers of android gaming apps, utility apps and others will expect to avail of excellent retention rates for their large numbers of incentive install services.

Extra Install without Spending a Single Penny

If users or viewers of developed Android applications uninstall their apps before the specified period, campaigns launched by programmers or developers will avail of extra install facility that too without spending a single penny. Thus, by choosing for CPI strategy, you will not only expect for boost of your app in the Play Store but also assure of saving big amounts. Salvus App Solutions is one of the best software company in Jabalpur. Now if you want know about more info, so visit here: http://salvusappsolutions.com


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